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Welcome to the Loralai Medical College Loralai

(Prof: Dr. Muhammad Saleem)


       It is indeed great pleasure for me to convey my gratitude to the brilliant and eager youth of stunning Balochistan. It is worth mentioning here that the youth of Balochistan possesses lots of untapped potential and is quite capable of discovering and scaling unexplored heights of success. However, a need of sawing and grinding always exist to polish the trinkets to make them glitter like stars.

Loralai Medical Collage Loralai, provides such polishing environment to the uncut gems to instill in them the aspiration to reach milky ways. It is indeed a cradle to success.

Furthermore, good citizenship, thinking minds, exploring souls and enthusiastic personalities are the requirement of the day for our striving country.

Get To Know LMCL

Formerly known as Bori, Loralai district is located at North East of Baluchistan.
The word Loralai is derived from a stream called Loralai which flows in
the southern part of the town with rugged terrain and arid climate.
Loralai is
counter-argument the vastly underdeveloped districts of Pakistan. Owing to their abject poverty and primordial healthcare setup of the district people of Loralai have little access to healthcare facilities. Two hospitals, two rural healthcare centers and 28 basic health units (as per Project and Development Department of Balochistan report) are not enough to cater for the healthcare demand of 400,000 inhabitants of Loralai.
There is also an acute shortage of skilled medical staff and basic health facilities that has resulted in poor health Indicators including low Immunization coverage and high child mortality rates in the district. Establishment of a Medical College would potentially reverse the fortunes of Loralai

Our Degree Programs

LMCL is a College of Medicine that offers multiple degree programs in the field of medical and life sciences.

                                                                  MBBS AT LMCL

As the top regarded medical college in Loralai and with its rigorous approach, the LMCL MBBS program is one of the most sought-after degree. Here you will be a part of pioneering education with innovative learning strategies. Students with different backgrounds join our MBBS program. No matter where you come from, if you want to be in the field of science and practice medicine, Loralai Medical College is the place to be.

The LMCL Initiative
Virtual Anatomy Dissection 

As one of the leading College of Medicine in Pakistan, we aim to facilitate students learning. Our proud addition to fortifying this mission is the 3D Anatomy Dissection Table which allows an interactive approach to medical education. The technologically advanced table supports anatomy visualization, lets students interact with the human body on a micro level, and help them learn more accurate anatomy.


The duration of  LMC terms and vacation shall be as follows:

Academic Year:
Exam preparation Duration:
Annual Holidays:

1st March to 30th Nov
1st December to 31st Dec
1st January to 31st Jan
1st February to 28th Feb

As recommended by the Educational Development Committee and academic Council, Bolan Medical College, Quetta. The theory paper of University Professional Examination MBBS and BDS courses would be held on 100 % Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) pattern.

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