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Hostel Facility at Loralai Medical College


  • LMCL offers our students comfortable housing located within walking distance from our main campus. Our hostels include separate buildings for both men and women with hundreds of shared and single rooms. Hostel facilities can accommodate undergraduate students, as well as doctors, house surgeons, and postgraduate trainees.

Type of Accommodation

  • Shared & Single Rooms
  • Separate building for Men and Women

Life at LMCL Hostels

  • Learning is not the only focus at LMCL. We prepare you excel in academics and in your personal life. Teaching students early how to unwind is especially important in healthcare focused careers. Our hostels also offer extracurricular activities, so when you need a break from your books you can wind down with friends and optimize physical and mental health.

Hostel Rules & Regulations

  • There are five Hostel blocks for students; two are situated in the new complex, two in the old girl, and four blocks in the main hostel.
  • On account of the non-availability of rooms at present, the College does not undertake the responsibility to provide Hostel accommodation to the newly admitted students.
  • Rooms if made available at any stage shall be allotted by the Allotment Committee in order of merit and only on production of receipt of payment of the Hostel fee. At the beginning of each academic year, each occupant of the Hostel room must deposit the Hostel Fee otherwise allotment is liable to be canceled.
  • A fee once deposited is refundable only in case Hostel accommodation is not provided. However, the fee shall be forfeited in case it is not claimed with the Academic Session for which it is paid. The following Hostel Fee and subscription are payable by the students for the full session of the College and the College fee.
  • If the security Deposit is not claimed within one month of leaving the Hostel the amount shall be confiscated.
  • No student is allowed to change his seat without the approval of the Allotment Committee.
  • The Principal may refuse admission or expel a student if he/she is satisfied that the student is not a desirable/ suitable person to live in the College Hostel(s).
  • If any student leaves the Hostel without settlement of the Hostel and Mess dues, the amount outstanding against him/her will be recovered from the security deposit or scholarship or as decided by the Principal on the advice of the Hostel Warden.
  • The Wardens are responsible for discipline in the Hostel and is authorized to admonish student for any irregularities neglect of duties or breach of discipline.
  • No Newspaper, periodical magazines or any publications other than those authorized by the Provost/Wardens shall be brought into the Hostel by any boarder.
  • The Wardens will maintain an up-to-date inventory of the Hostel property(ies) subject to the general control and supervision of the Principal.
  • Use of Electric Heaters, stoves, electric iron machine or any such instruments as worked by electricity, except light is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Any student found making use of them will have the appliance confiscated and will be reported to Competent Authority for such action as deemed fit.
  • The neatness and cleanliness of the room shall be the responsibility of the occupants.
  • All electric and other damages shall be repaired at the expenses of the boarders responsible.
  • Furniture shall not be transferred from one room to another.
  • No boarder shall indulge in any amusement, which disturbs other boarders.
  • Every boarder shall be in his room by the time fixed by the Hostel Warden.
  • Every boarder shall be in his room by the time fixed by the Hostel Warden.
  • No boarder shall stay out for the night or spend the weekend outside without prior permission of the Warden.
  • All cases of sickness must be reported to the Warden for necessary treatment.
  • The College is not responsible for any loss or the theft of the boarder’s belongings.
  • Boarders are warned against interfering with the electric fittings and all other fixtures, and damaging of furniture.
  • The use of liquor and narcotics in the Hostel premises in strictly prohibited.
  • Students must keep their room neat clean and tidy. The bed should properly made and the bed covers used.
  • Every part of the Hostel premises shall be freely open to inspection by the Principal / Warden and Competent Authority.
  • No sectarian / political ceremony likely to injure the feeling of other boarders shall be performed in the Hostels.
  • No cooking is allowed in the rooms. Any breaches are liable to strict action by the Principal on the complaint of Hostel Warden.
  • All lights must be switched off on leaving the room.
  • Right of admission in the Hostel premises are reserved.
  • Any boarder found guilty of persistent violation of hostel rules shall be expelled from the Hostel on the advice of the Hostel Warden by the Competent Authority and given such punishment as deemed fit.
  • The Warden shall be as ex-officer Honorary Medical Officer of Hostels. He/she will report to the Competent Authority all cases of sickness lasting more than 24 hours. If it is considered necessary by the Warden the sick boarder shall be admitted in the College Hospital for proper treatment free of charge.
  • The boarder must occupy the room originally allocated to him/her. No change is allowed without prior permission of the Warden /Allotment Committee.
  • The occupants of a room shall not refuse sharing their rooms by the new all otters. Defaulters will liable for strict disciplinary action.
  • All demands relating to the Hostel(s) must be routed through the Hostel Warden(s) No direct application will be entertained by the Principal.
  • No meeting(s) or activity(ies) of political/ objectionable nature is/are permitted in the Hostel(s) premises.


  • Hostel charges are non-refundable
  • Hostel Fee. Rs 5000/-
  • Miscellaneous charges are refundable.
  • Miscellaneous. Rs 3000/-
  • Miscellaneous (e.g)  furniture/Heater/Fan 


  • No outsider shall be allowed to stay in the hostels i.e. friends, acquaintances, relatives, brothers, sisters, parents and servants. In case an outsider is found residing in the hostels an F.I.R shall be lodged against the outsider and the allotment of the student(s) involved in bringing the outsider shall be cancelled and disciplinary proceedings shall be initiated against him/her.