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  • Applications for admission(s) to 1st year MBBS and 1st year BDS courses shall be invited by the Principal, LMCL  through an advertisement in leading Newspapers or Radio or Television or a combination of print, electronic and social media, etc. No notice etc. shall be issued individually to the candidates for inviting applications, communication of results of the interviews or any other instructions to the candidates. Publication of any other instructions through the LMC website, Press Release in the Newspapers or Radio or Television or combination of print, electronic and social media, etc. shall be considered sufficient.
  • The applications are required to be submitted on or before the last date specified in the advertisement. The application received after the last date will not be entertained and no excuse of any kind will be acceptable
  • The selection of candidates for admission to 1st year MBBS and BDS classes shall be made by the Admission Committee strictly according to conditions laid down in the
  • The selection of candidates for admission to 1st year MBBS and BDS classes shall be made by the Admission Committee strictly according to conditions laid down in the Prospectus.
  • Applications must carry photo copies of the following documents duly attested by a Gazette Officer. All the columns of the prescribed application form must be filled correctly. Incomplete application forms are liable to be rejected.


  • Intermediate Detail
  • Marks Certificate. intermediate
  • Provisional Certificate.
  • Matriculate Detail Marks Certificate.
  • Matriculate Provisional Certificate.
  • Character Certificate from the Principal of the Institute Last attended or from an Officer of BPS-17 or above Attested. copies of latest passport size Photographs.
    “B Form” of candidate if below 18 years of age.
  • Local / Domicile Certificate of the candidate issued by the concerned authorities of the respective district. In case, the candidate does not possess his / her / Local / Domicile Certificate, he / she shall submit, a copy of his / her Father/ Mother Local / Domicile Certificate recorded his / her (candidate’s) name thereon.
  • An affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper duly attested by a 1st Class Magistrate to the effect that the candidate or his/her father / mother (as the case may be) is in possession of only one Local/Domicile Certificate. In case the candidate or his / her father / mother (as the case may be) had ever been in possession of two Local/ Domicile certificates, it should be mentioned therein that one of the Local /Domicile Certificates had been cancelled before the date of application for admission. In case the candidate fails to mention or submit the affidavit, he/ she shall not be considered for admission. 
  • Application form
  • (3 Copies)
  • (3 Copies)
  • (3 Copies)
  • (3 Copies)
  • (3 Copies)
  • (8 copies)


  • (3 Copies)
  • (3 Copies)

  • (3 Copies)


  • The candidate from Quetta Rural must submit a certificate from the Local Government Department Deputy Commissioner, Quetta to the effect that as per present notification he / her place abode is a part of the Quetta Rural.

  • The certificates of all the selected candidate shall be verified from the issuing board / authorities and the expenditure on verification shall be paid by the candidate.

  • No marks will be deducted for extra attempts availed in HSSC/ examination by the candidate beyond the period two years after passing SSC/ Matriculation annual examination.
Biometric Verification and Submission of Processing Fee:
  • The candidate shall visit, in person, the nearest branch of The Bank of HBL / NBP along with the Final Copy of his application print out, fee challan form and Original CNIC/Smart Card for Juvenile/NICAP/POC/Pakistani Passport. Please note once again that it is mandatory for candidate to visit the bank in person for biometric verification.
Display of Provisional Aggregate Merit Lists:
  • After the completion of online application process, the Loralai Medical College shall display on its website category-wise Provisional Merit Lists of the candidates who have successfully applied for admissions.
  • The merit lists shall be provisional. The Chairman Selection Selection Committee shall have the power to review the provisional merit list in case of any bona fide error, omission, lapse, mistake, fraud or misrepresentation that occurs or is brought to his notice within due time and the merit list will be
    amended accordingly. Moreover, mere figuring in the merit list will not confer any right on the candidate if he/she is otherwise found ineligible on detection of an error /mistake / fraud / misrepresentation at any stage of admissions.
  • The candidates will be given 48 hours to make written representations through online portal against any bona fide error, omission, lapse, mistake, fraud or misrepresentation in the provisional merit lists. Documentary proof is mandatory in this regard otherwise the complaint shall be rejected.
Re-opening of Application Web Portal and Submission of College Preference:
  • After the display of Provisional Merit Lists, the web portal on which the candidates filled online application will be re-activated and the candidates will be allowed to enter the names of respective colleges in order of his/her preference.
  • The candidate shall only be able to access the form(s) which he/she has already filled and submitted. He/she shall not be able to edit any information he has previously submitted in his/her application.
  • The order of preferences once given shall be final and cannot be changed subsequently. This condition is mandatory and neither any subsequent change is entertain-able nor any exceptions shall be made. A candidate who will not give any preference for colleges shall be placed by the Selection Committee as per his/her merit.
  • After entering the names of respective colleges, at the most, in order of preference, the candidate must again “SAVE & SUBMIT” to cock his/her
     priority list.
Preparation and Display of Selection Lists:
  • The College shall prepare Selection Lists of candidates strictly on merit basis i.e. (Provincial, Divisional, Districts and categories)
  • Starting with the first preference, the candidate will be assessed for all the respective colleges he/she has named in his/her priority list.
  • In case of tie between two or more colleges with regards to number of seats left, the candidate shall be placed in the college in which the
     aggregate percentage of the last admitted candidate is the highest.
  • Complaint, if any, against the Selection List can be lodged in writing within 48 hours of the display of the list.
Joining in Respective Colleges:
  • Selected candidates shall be informed about their admissions through SMS and e-mail. No intimation whatsoever about non selection will be sent
    individually and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.
  • The selected candidate shall have to deposit the prescribed fee in his/her respective college by due date failing which his/her admission shall stand cancelled and the seat shall be declared vacant.
  • The candidate admitted against more than one category of seats can avail only one seat at his own discretion. He/she will join that seat by depositing fee within due date and other seat(s) shall be declared vacant automatically. Any attempt to occupy more than one seat shall result in disqualification
    of the candidate from admissions.
Up-gradation Process:
  • The candidate getting selected in previous list will be considered for up-gradation in the subsequent list. The up gradation herein means shift on
    merit to a college named by the candidate in his order of preference in case of creation of vacancy in that college. The shift in such up-gradation
    shall be compulsory 
    and mandatory and no exception, whatsoever, will be taken under any circumstances.
  • Right of up-gradation shall be given to only those candidates who have joined their allocated college by depositing prescribed college fee in the preceding list.
  • The candidate shall only be up-graded to a college he/she has named in his/her order of preference, in case a seat falls vacant and the merit of the candidate corresponds with that of the college.
  • In case no seat is vacant in the colleges opted by the candidate, he/she shall not be up-graded to these or any other college and shall remain in the college already allotted to him/her.